Texas Man Quits Job To Watch UTSA In The NCAA Tournament

By Lance Beaudry

Is that really UTSA?

SAN ANTONIO – Rich Hersser really and truly believes that the University of Texas at San Antonio can make a run in this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. So much so that the 41-year-old janitor quit his job to follow the team to Cleveland, where they are to play their first round matchup against the Ohio State Buckeyes.

“I was already thinkin’ about quittin’ anyways,” Hersser said. “This just made it an easy decision.”

Hersser said the Roadrunners have been his favorite team ever since he spent a semester at the university studying basket weaving.

“That was the best time in ma life,” Hersser said. “If it wadn’ (sic) for the fact that I couldn’ keep ma grades up, Idda for sure been playin’ on that team in my day. Oh well, now we gotta chance to show the country what we really made of, and we gonna take it. Them Buckeyes got nothing on the Roadrunners.”

Unfortunately for Hersser and the rest of the team, the Buckeyes do have something on them, a number one overall ranking and a 32-2 record.

It would be quite something if the Buckeyes should fall, but it seems more likely that Hersser will be begging for his job back in about 24 hours time.