Apple Announce iPad 2 At Press Conference, Now It’s Almost As Good As The Competition

By Michael Chesterfield

SAN FRAN – Apple is in the midst of holding what was supposed to be a pretty big deal when it comes to press conferences. As I write this, they are introducing the very latest in mobile/tablet technology. Be sure to read on too get all the important details….

Nerds To Finally Get Laid: ‘Real Sex’ To Be Released For The Wii

By Michael Chesterfield

LOS ANGELES – Larry Flynt Productions has announced a partnership with Nintendo and will be releasing the much-anticipated video game “Real Sex” in early 2011.

Sales of Cymbalta Way Up As Tumblr Nearly Melts Down

By Erika Tatzeryoodge

The anti-depression drug Cymbalta saw its biggest day in sales in history today as popular social networking site Tumblr was shut down due to a database problem.