Romanian Man Who Attempted Suicide In Parliament Thought He Was In Civil War Reenactment

By Lance Beaudry

BUCHAREST – Yesterday Adrian Sobaru jumped from a balcony in the Romanian Parliament building in what was apparently a suicide attempt in protest of the Romanian government’s current austerity measures.

But it turns out the initial news reports have it all wrong. According to a statement released by Sobaru’s lawyer early this morning, Sobaru mistook the Romanian Parliament session for a reenactment of the infamous play at Ford’s Theatre at which Abraham Lincoln was fatally shot.

Sobaru is a stage actor and had been preparing for a role as John Wilkes Booth in a Romanian play based on Lincoln’s presidency.

“Adrian has been working really hard lately,” said Gianni Orescu, Sobaru’s attorney. “When he gets into character, it’s almost impossible for him to break it.”

Apparently, Sobaru mistook the Parliament building for the playhouse down the street where the production company was having a dress rehearsal.

Prime Minister Emil Boc was speaking when Sobaru jumped.

“When Adrian walked in, he thought the Prime Minister was the play director setting the scene,” Orescu said. “Ever the dramatic, he wanted to make an impact and show the other actors what he was made of.”

When he jumped, Sobaru was wearing a T-Shirt that was thought to have had written on it: “You’ve pierced us. You’ve killed our children’s future. Freedom.”

The shirt actually said: “Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

Unfortunately for Sobaru, his crazy ability to get into character didn’t pay off this time.