OPINION: British Crybabies Should Try School In America

By John Mootpoint

So, those crazy students on the other side of the ocean are ripping apart their country because of a little tuition hike. Okay, I’ll admit it, a trebling in tuition is quite a hike. But come on, they still don’t really have anything to complain about, or do they?

The new vote that was recently passed in the British House of Commons allows universities to now charge a maximum of £9,000 ($14,200) per year in variable tuition. Variable means that they are more than welcome to charge less, should they so please. But, they are not allowed to charge anything more than £9,000.

Compare this to the average out-of-state tuition in the U.S.A., which, according to “College Board,” was $17,452 in 2008-2009, and it seems like the British protesters might be onto something. Compare it to the average in-state tuition of $6,585, also according to “College Board,” and maybe they should be ripping their country apart.

I might want to flip a few cars if I had to pay the obscene taxes they do over there and still had to pay as much in tuition as American kids, whose families more than likely pay far less in taxes.

Where I take issue is the whole ceiling thing. While $14,200 is a hell of a lot, it is the absolute most that one could pay under the new system. They will more than likely pay less.

There exists no such ceiling in the States. Harvard Medical School costs $70,000 (£44,366) per year. That alone should shut the crybabies up.

But it won’t, because protesters will be protesters. If there’s one thing university students love doing, it’s protesting and breaking stuff for no reason. But who pays to fix everything that violent protesters ruin? Do I hear the word taxpayer being uttered?

One can only wonder as to who is really at fault for the tuition hike…