Obama Should Stop Writing Children’s Books And Start Running The Free World

By John Mootpoint

It only makes sense that with a war on his hands and an economy recovering from the worst financial recession since the Great Depression Barack Obama would write a children’s book.

One might wonder how Obama could find time to write a book and draw all the pictures for it. But then, one would also have to wonder how he could find time to bust up his lip playing basketball.

I’m just saying that if I were President of the U.S.A. I might feel an obligation to make my country and the world a better place. I might feel a little uncomfortable writing books for kids and playing basketball instead of putting bills into motion and meeting with world leaders.

Kids already have lots of inspiration. America has great teachers who teach our kids about Einstein and Sitting Bull and Jackie Robinson. We don’t need Obama to waste his time telling us they’re great.

And what about all the struggling children’s book authors out there? Does the President think he can just waltz right into the market and get a book deal ’cause he’s a big shot. There are so many authors barely making ends meat who deserve a chance for their work to be read. And I bet their work is infinitesimally more inspirational than that of a man who spends most of his time running the Free World and who probably didn’t have very much time to focus on this project and who probably had it ghostwritten and drawn. There’s no way he’s that good of an artist.

All in all, there are many a reason the President probably should have avoiding making this side project public, but I guess he just couldn’t help it; he really wants our youth to have role models. And besides, those pictures of the two girls running across the field really does take me back to a simpler time; a carefree time of less responsibility and a time when I didn’t give a fuck about role models.