Montreal Alouettes Win Grey Cup, Nobody Cares

By Erika Tatzeryoodge

What's the CFL?

The Montreal Alouettes were crowned Canadian Football League champions for the second year in a row last night. The Als defeated the Saskatchewan Roughriders 21-18 to take the Grey Cup in front of a packed house at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton Alberta.

“We couldn’t be more elated,” said Jim Popp, General Manager of the Alouettes, using a word he wasn’t too sure of. “No one thought we would repeat, and we proved them wrong.”

The majority of the team echoed Popp’s sentiments.

“People were counting us out from the get-go,” Als’ receiver Jamel Richardson said. “We came here and did what we had to, and now who’s laughing?”

Richardson didn’t laugh after that comment, thus negating its effectiveness.

It was the second year in a row that these same two teams faced each other in the final and also the second year in a row that nobody gave a shit.

The Sensationalist Times held a poll just before the Grey Cup and found that the majority of people thought CFL stood for the College Football League. Go figure.

Then again, any league with only eight teams, and that is filled with players the NFL looked over, would probably have a hard time getting anybody to respect it.

The Alouettes were apparently given the shaft this week in Edmonton. The Roughriders were put up in a fancy hotel while the Als were put up in a motel with no available gym facilities.

“They tried everything they could to bring us down,” Montreal running back Avon Cobourne said. “But we weren’t gonna have it. We proved tonight that it don’t matter what you try and do to stop us, we can’t be stopped. We’re the champs baby!!”

The apparent accommodation “mix up” is being blamed on an overwhelming favortism toward Saskatchewan, most probably because they sucked too much to win last year and because it’s only one province away from where the game was being played in Alberta. And in Canada you cheer for your neighbors.