Local Pawn Shop Finally Realizes That Sex Sells

By Michael Chesterfield

Ed’s Pawn Shop in Brooklyn is experiencing a boom in business like never before. The reason: a sexy ad.

“I’m making a profit like I never could’ve imagined,” said Al Harris, owner of Ed’s. “Two months ago I thought I was done here. I was barely making ends meat, but now… I couldn’t be happier.”

Harris bought the pawn shop off of Edward Monroe two years ago. He said he wanted a new challenge and so he gave up his nine-to-five and invested his nest egg into the shop.

Up until a month ago business was terrible. But everything changed when he was approached by a marketing consulting firm with an idea.

“People don’t understand the true beauty of the pawn shop,” said Liz Traynor of Rothman & Katz Marketing. “They think it’s this dirty old place with other people’s junk. In reality it’s a treasure trove full of great household items at great prices.”

Traynor met with Harris herself and brought one idea to the table. She said she knew it would make Harris a killing; and it did.

“Everyone knows that sex sells, so why not for a pawn shop?,” Traynor said. “We thought we would start small with just a single billboard here in Brooklyn. That turned out to be so successful that we’ve agreed to deals to install billboards in all of the boroughs, except for the Bronx, nobody wants to come from that far away just for a pawn shop.”

The lone billboard in the Bronx depicts a seriously hot bikini-clad woman showcasing her hand on which there is an engagement ring. The copy reads, “She deserves the best, get it at Ed’s.”

Harris’ business has more than quadrupled in the last month. He credits it all to the billboard and people’s willingness to be sucked in by a sexy woman.

“I never realized how effective a sales tool the objectification of women could be,” Harris said. “Had I truly known its power I would’ve harnessed it two years ago. Oh well, can’t worry about the past when the future looks so good.”