Apple Announce iPad 2 At Press Conference, Now It’s Almost As Good As The Competition

By Michael Chesterfield


SAN FRAN – Apple is in the midst of holding what was supposed to be a pretty big deal when it comes to press conferences. As I write this, they are introducing the very latest in mobile/tablet technology.

Everyone in the tech world was looking forward to what Apple was going to bring to the table with the new incarnation of the iPad. Turns out it’s not that much.

Steve Jobs introduced the device to the California crowd this morning. Among the major innovations: a camera on the front and back, something the Samsung Galaxy has had for ages; iMovie, really old program; Garageband, really old program; and a cable to plug it into your TV, really?

Way to go guys. Thanks for getting me hyped up about technology and apps that already exist. I’ll be sure to pick one of those $40 cables up the second they come out, instead of buying one for a buck on eBay.

But hey, it’s Apple. It’s definitely worth forking out double what competitors charge for that logo with the piece of fruit that already has a bite taken out of it.

By far more surprising than any of the “advancements” and “innovations” announced this morning was the fact that it was Jobs making them. And the guy looks great too.